Corporate Culture


Company mission: to provide customers with efficient and complete power adapter solutions.

Company Value: Based on the business philosophy of “innovation of thinking, stable quality, people-oriented, future-oriented”, East Sun adheres to the principle of customer satisfaction, advocates performance-oriented innovation, collaboration and efficient enterprise spirit, and establishes the value of “co-construction and sharing” distribution criteria.

Innovation of Thinking: With rich industry experience, independent product research and development capabilities, young and energetic cooperation team, we will provide customers with perfect power adapter solutions. 

Stable quality: Continuously implement effective quality management measures, and use 20% of annual revenue to increase advanced production equipment and testing instruments to ensure stable and continuous improvement of quality, laying the foundation for further development of the company.

People-oriented: Reasonable and competitive salary, smooth promotion channels, the company plans to implement the incentive compensation plan and shareholding system reform, every outstanding  employee in East Sun is the wealth of the company, the company will cherish it.

Facing to future: Accurate target customer positioning, keeping closely pace with the development of the times.And to achieve deep integration with the customer's corporate culture, brand, development strategy and product planning in the cooperation with customers in the intelligent era .accelerating the promotion of East Sun Core competencies,and continually moving toward industry-leading power adapter suppliers.

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