• Company Profile
      Founded in 2004 in Shenzhen, China,It is professional in R&D, manufacturing and sales of various Power Adapters.
    • History
      In 2018, Sichuan Yibin Branch was established to increase the R&D, manufacturing and sales of power adapters.
    • Corporate culture
      “Accurate target customer positioning, keeping pace with the development of the times, and accelerating the promotion of Dongchen's core com
    • Team Demeanor
      A dvocating performance-oriented innovation, collaboration and efficient entrepreneurship based on customer satisfaction.


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    Sustainable development for Core competitiveness of Enterprises
        Different from the exhaustible material resources, the endless corporate culture and entrepreneurial spirit are the pillars that support the sustainable development of enterprises. Closely related to our environmental and social responsibilities, we must have a set of persistent core values, a cultivating corporate culture, and an act of consciously instilling core values.

        The competitiveness of human resources has become a decisive factor for the sustainable development of enterprises. Shenzhen East Sun Electronic always strictly abides by laws and regulations, and respects labor rights and interests. Professionals who work hard there to achieve organizational goals are crucial factors in the company's success. With the rapid development of information economy and technology, enterprises have become more and more aware of the important value of “Human” who create invention technology. To ensure the demand for talents, enterprises should not only focus on capital and quality, but also the most important thing-- human resources will become the focus of enterprises. Therefore, human resources have already become the decisive factor for the sustainable development of enterprises.

        East Sun Electronic is committed to environmental friendliness in product design and production. We focus on improving the charging efficiency, quality and overall production operational efficiency of the power adapter. We infiltrate environmentally friendly ideas into every aspect of production management and establish a value of “co-construction and sharing” distribution criteria to provide customers with efficient and complete power adapter solutions.

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    Email: hl@sz-dcdz.com

    Add: 17 th Building, B zone, , Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yibin City, Sichuang Province, China
    Tel: TBD
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